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Director of Compliance Fractional Services Overview

In today’s highly regulated world, a lender and servicer must be adequately staffed with trained compliance professionals to meet the expectations of regulators. Unfortunately, based on the size of the organization, a lender or servicer may not be able to afford or source key compliance personnel. Learn2Comply “L2C” offers lenders and service.. Read more

Regulatory Compliance Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures describe a company's operating practices and how they adhere to consumer protection laws. They are active and live documents that are expected to change as a company finds defects in their operations.. Read more

Online Training & Testing

Learn2comply’s on-line training and testing program is designed to meet the regulatory training needs of lenders nationwide. Our comprehensive training program allows you to control who gets trained, how often they get trained (by regulation) and reports the results to management. Imagine if you could have all regulatory training accessible in on.. Read more

Fractional Compliance Staffing

Quality Compliance Professionals for a Fractional Monthly Commitment A Director of Compliance is a key business partner for each lender.  He or she is someone who can develop and implement compliance initiatives, review and approve policies and procedures, review new lending product roll-outs, respond to regulatory and BBB complaints, and review c.. Read more

Regulatory Certifications

learn2comply offers its Regulatory Training Certification program to both lenders their vendors. To become certified, an individual must pass all Regulatory Training Modules. An individual is certified only for the applicable test period; many of the tests must be passed multiple times a year to stay current. A learn2comply certification acknowledg.. Read more

Online Complaint Management System

learn2comply offers a comprehensive electronic complaint management system that allows it clients to record, track, escalate and report all complaint information received by the client or any of its vendors. The management of complaints is one of the key areas that regulators review when examining a lender’s operation. Certain types of complaint.. Read more

Payment Processing Compliance Training

Due to the recent focus on the payment processing industry by several federal agencies including the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), leam2comply has developed a compliance practice to assist lenders and third party payment processors (TPPP) in complying with new guidance on payment processing . We.. Read more