Director of Compliance Fractional Services Overview

In today’s highly regulated world, a lender and servicer must be adequately staffed with trained compliance professionals to meet the expectations of regulators. Unfortunately, based on the size of the organization, a lender or servicer may not be able to afford or source key compliance personnel.

Learn2Comply “L2C” offers lenders and servicers, Director of Compliance professionals for a minimum hourly monthly commitment.  L2C’s compliance professionals can immediately step in and fill in your compliance gaps and if needed assume director of compliance responsibilities for your company or with your clients.

Our compliance professionals bring best practice compliance knowledge and tools lender or call center clients can adopt immediately.

  • Compliance Assessments
  • Policies and Procedure Development and Implementation
  • Compliance Training (agents, compliance team, management & servicers)
  • Compliance Board Reporting
  • Prospective Servicer Review
  • Servicer Audits
  • Compliance Liaison to CFPB
  • Compliance lead to demanding or new clients
  • Complaint responses and management
  • Transaction Monitoring (Review Alerts, Flags or Exceptions)
  • Much more…

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